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Wenger judges the away goal rule outdated

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Arsenal and Chelsea were eliminated of the Champions League on away goals by Paris Saint-Germain and AS Monaco. While Wenger, as you can read below, thinks the away goal rule should be changed; we certainly believe the problem lies in the fact that the English Premier League may be overrated and not as dominant as people in England would think… Seriously, look into it and think about how many people and fans had PSG and Monaco advancing to the next round?

Wenger on the away goal rule:

“Two teams have gone out on away goals, which I think should be questioned because it’s a rule that is outdated now and has to be changed. I’ve fought for that for a long time,” he said.

“It should count maybe after extra time because this [current] rule was created in the sixties to encourage teams to attack away from home. Since then football has changed. The weight of the away goal is too big today.

“I think maybe you can count [away goals] after extra-time like in the League Cup in England.”

On no English teams in the quarter-finals of the Champions League

“I don’t think that you can draw a general conclusion,” he said. “In a direct knockout, it’s important that you’re very efficient and a bit lucky as well.

“None of the teams, apart from Barcelona, look to be superior in Europe today. Two other teams, Chelsea and Arsenal, could have gone through. I don’t think there’s a lot wrong, we now just have to focus on our next targets.

“We are a better team today than four months ago. There is a fantastic spirit in the team, there is great quality as well, and [we need to] rectify what we haven’t done well in the first leg [against Monaco] and continue to improve.

“We have won 13 of our last 15 games and that’s down to consistency, quality and improvement.”

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