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Mourinho dismisses rumours about Messi joining Chelsea

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Jose Mourinho, Chelsea manager, said that talks about Barca’s Lionel Messi joining the ranks of the Blues are not true, according to sources at

Recently, there were plenty of rumours surrounding the Argentine superstar when he seemed to suggest that there’s the possibility of his career not ending at Barca, something that left fans all over the world wondering about his future in the game.

The Blues were then seen as a probable destination for Messi – who last week made history when he broke the goal-scoring records of all time in both the UEFA Champions League and La Liga, and the football world in general was taken aback by this accomplishment.

The Portuguese manager stressed that these stories are false, but the fans could clearly see that they created a lot of confusion.

On Friday, he said: “My reaction is that your world [the media] changed so much that our world [football] also changed so much.

“And I think, in this moment, it’s so easy, so easy to have non-truths circulating.

“It’s so easy that some people put news without confirming or speaks about rumours. Obviously it’s [Messi going to Chelsea] not true. Obviously it’s not true.”

The coach also spoke about the FIFA Ballon d’Or, saying that he doesn’t like it.

“This kind of trophy is not good for football,” the manager continued. “This is why I don’t care about it.

“Sometimes it looks like we are looking for stars, we are looking for some people to be more important than others. And this is not the culture we want in this club. I don’t care about it. But it’s there. It’s there as a consequence of the good work the team is doing. And, if they feel that, okay. It’s good for them.

“But the mentality here is not to be worried about that. Even less being obsessed with that.

“When I see these two names, [Chelsea duo Cesc] Fabregas and [Eden] Hazard, I think clearly they don’t think about it. They think about the team, about playing well and trying to win matches.”

Considering the huge talent that Messi is, it makes plenty of sense to see the football world go a little crazy when any rumours about him show up. will definitely follow developments on the player, as they’re very eager to see what the future has in store for one of the best footballers on the face of the planet.

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