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Manchester United knocked out a rival for Champions League

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English Premier League: Manchester United 3-0 Tottenham Hotspur

Coach van Gaal praises his team performance:

“Maybe aside from the first five minutes, we had control over the match,” said van Gaal. “We scored beautiful goals, we didn’t give so much away, so we played very well. I have a very good feeling about the way we played. I’m very pleased with the performance but also with the result.”

“They (the players) showed in the training sessions their spirit, in spite of the defeat against Arsenal, which was a very important game for us – we wanted to win the FA Cup. We lost from ourselves, and the players knew that also. 

“If you can show at the next training session the same spirit as before, then you are a fantastic professional and that’s why I said it in advance of the game. I have been a manager for 25 years and I have seen, with a lot of players, it’s not always the same after a defeat. I have the feeling the players want to play this system also. That is also a big advantage.”

“We made a very big first step, but now we have to go to Liverpool which is also a competitor of ours.”

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