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Manchester United humiliated at home – Managers react

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Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool

Enough said on Man United which is having one of the worse seasons of its existence. Poor Sir Alex must be really sad seeing his substitute David Moyes unable to deliver. Was it a bad decision to recruit him? Yes it was! Coaching Everton and top 10 aspiration is not the same as playing for the title or Champions League. In both cases Manchester United disappoint and Moyes is probably responsible. In a nutshell, Moyes should be out at the end of the season.

David Moyes reacts on another humiliating defeat:

There’s disappointment for everybody – all the Manchester United supporters – that we didn’t get the result today, and disappointment about the goals and the way they were conceded”.

“With the penalty kicks, some were but some weren’t [correctly awarded]. We didn’t play well enough in the first half but we weren’t necessarily a goal worse off at half-time.

“I thought we could come out and start brightly and get ourselves back in the game but, before we’ve even taken our seats, we’ve given a penalty kick away. Things didn’t go for us at all. When we were 2-0 down we had a spell where we played quite well and tried to get ourselves back in the game with one or two half-chances. But they weren’t enough and the last thing we needed was to lose a player.

“They missed the penalty but, at that point and down to 10 men, it made it an uphill task. It was just a disappointing day all round. I was disappointed [with the lack of shots on goal] and didn’t think we ever got that,” he said. “I thought we grew into the game for 10 to 15 minutes before half-time. We looked a bit more likely when I swapped Adnan Januzaj’s side and he did better on the right.”

Rodgers on outplaying Manchester United:

“I thought we were outstanding today. We had real dominance in the game. From the first whistle, our intent to attack, to press and to work as a team was outstanding.

“I thought we could have had more goals. We were really aggressive in our game going forward, just that final pass or final touch might have been a bit better to finish them off even more.

“The aggression in our game was there to see. We attacked with great intent. It was a very good attacking performance. We continue to play well and work well. It’s obviously a big win against a huge rival; two of the biggest British clubs and renowned worldwide. To dominate the game like that was very pleasing.

“I wanted to play and have superiority on the inside. I like to flood numbers around the middle of the field in order to control and dominate the game. Manchester United’s centre-halves drop off, so we could exploit the space in front of that with Raheem’s speed and then introduce Philippe [Coutinho] to the game.

“We worked it the other way against Southampton, where we felt that we could play through and get it into Philippe, who could then open the game up, then bring Raheem into it later when it opens up.

I’m just focusing on our own team. We’ve got nine games left – we might win all nine and still lose it. We will just focus on our next game, that’s Cardiff. I’m only focusing on our next game and looking to get three points. All the teams will drop points; we may well drop points, we may not. I can only look at our next game, I’ve done that since I’ve walked in the door. I’m not going to change now.


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