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Manchester City humiliate United – reactions

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Manchester City 4-1 Manchester United

City coach Pellegrini

“It was a very important result, normally you don’t expect to win 4-1 against Manchester United but the most important thing was the way we played – I am very happy,

“Normally derbies are more equal but today we had a very good day and that allowed us to have superiority against Manchester United this afternoon.

“Winning the way we won today will give us a lot of confidence.

“I would be very happy if we win all of the games 4-1 but we must improve every game. Not every game is the same, we are just starting in another way to play and I hope we will improve every day.

Vincent Company

“Always winning against Manchester United and the way we won could have an important impact.

“We played with two really good strikers who kept the United defence busy for long periods, but most of all I think we kept calm at the right moments.

“Was this a statement of intent? No. I think you make a statement over the course of the season rather than in one game, but this was a great performance and a special day – now we need to win our next game and carry on from there.

United coach Moyes

“We didn’t play well,” the manager told Sky Sports. “They were better and started much stronger, much quicker than us. I thought Manchester City were very good. We weren’t, I’ve got to say, but Manchester City started the game really well.


“They got a grip of the game very early on. We didn’t. We never really got to grips with their midfield players in the early part of the game, and because of that they started to get domination. We had to be stronger. We weren’t.


“But great credit to the lads that they kept going, and kept working away and got a goal back. We’ll get better. It’s a long season to go, so we’ll put this behind us and move on.”

Wayne Rooney

“The way we conceded the goals, one just before half-time and two straight after, is not good enough. We know we have to improve on that, to stop giving these sloppy goals away and capitalise on some of our good play, which I thought there was bits of… it just came too late in the game.

“It was a blow (City’s second) but we still thought we could get back in the game. We’ve been two down many times before and we came out at half-time ready to get the first goal and that would have been game on. The way in which we conceded two goals so quickly killed the game.


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