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Liverpool likely out of Champions League race with home defeat to Man United

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Liverpool 1-2 Manchester United

Coach Liverpool Rodgers

“We disappointed in the first half.

“Our game was set up to press the opponent really high up the pitch, but our starting positions were way too deep from the early stages of the game and we handed over control way too easy.

“Rightly they were in front in the first half, they circulated the ball well and we were never in positions to press well enough.

“In the second half, we went down to 10 men early on but the players showed why they have been on the run that they have, with their character and resilience and they were still in the game right until the very end.

“That was the message to them afterwards: I take great pride in that. Not so happy with the first half – it was a game where the first half cost us more than the second.

“In that system, you have to be able to press well and pass well. If you’re not doing both elements of the game then, of course, it becomes much more difficult for you to be effective.

“It’s a big challenge. But when I looked at the 10 games that were remaining, it was always going to be difficult to win all 10 of them.

“So we built in a loss and maybe some draws in that. We’d hoped it wouldn’t be in this game against our rival. But it’s still very much possible.

“It’s five points between us and [United]. We’ve now got to recover and use this as the same springboard that we did in the last game.

“We went on an incredible run which has at least given us the opportunity and the chance [to finish in the top four].

“We didn’t play well enough today, that’s the reality of it. They played well, deserved the win and we’ll go away now, recover and come back and look to win the next game.”

Steven Gerrard (ejected after 1 minute on the pitch)

“I need to accept it, I think the decision was right. I’ve let my teammates and the manager down today, and even more importantly let all of the supporters down.

“I take full responsibility for my action. I’ve tried to jump his tackle when I’ve seen his studs and I’ve reacted wrong.

“I’ve been in the game long enough to know when you do something like that…especially with the timing of the game – 45 to play with a great opportunity to get back into the game. I take full responsibility for it.”

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