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Liverpool ends 2014 with class – coach reacts

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English Premier League – last game of 2014: Liverpool 4-1 Swansea

Coach Rodgers reflects on the win:

“We’ve got technically-gifted players in the team, but that ability to press the ball allows them to go and get and create chances at the top end of the field.

In the last two to three weeks the performance level has been much closer to what we were over the course of the last 18 months.

There’s been a lot of work and hours going into the tactical idea that was going to allow us to get back to that. It wasn’t traditional because we’re having to play a young guy who is a winger as that striker, but the shape of the team causes other teams problems.

When you have the players that want to go and press the ball, work as hard as they did tonight, and then have got the quality to back that up, you can be a really hard team to play against. That’s how it’s been for us.

Apart from a ridiculous spell of seven or eight minutes when we scored the second goal, when we gave the ball away cheaply, conceded and then tried our best to give them another goal, it was a really dominant performance I felt.

Tonight we came out and put that intensity and work-rate into the game and we got our reward for that. Creativity was very much there tonight but a solid base behind it as well – that is key for us if we are going to succeed”.

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