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Frank Lampard wants Jose Mourinho return

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Frank Lampard may well leave Chelsea at the end of the season, but he still has the best interests of the club at heart and has hinted that he would like to see former manager Jose Mourinho return.

Rafa Benitez is in charge until the end of the season of course, but it seems extremely unlikely that he will be kept on at Stamford Bridge. Therefore, the Blues are looking for yet another new manager.

Reports this week say that the 34-year-old wants it to be Mourinho, someone he had an excellent relationship with during his first spell at Chelsea.

This could be for a few selfish reasons too. Not only would Mourinho be likely to keep Lampard on as a player beyond the summer, but there could be a coaching role for him at the club one day too.

A source close to Lampard said: “Frank would love Mourinho to return, not only to rekindle the glory days but it could also seal the deal in terms of his own future.”

“He has said he would love to stay on at Chelsea in a coaching role once his playing days come to an end.”

Mourinho himself then hasn’t done much to play down rumours he could return to Chelsea, visiting London recently and saying (again) how much he loves the club.

The Real Madrid boss told Sky Sports News: “I can’t deny, in spite of this disgraceful weather, that I love it here.

“I have big emotional connections with Chelsea. One day I think I have to go back to English football, to Chelsea or another club.”

“Chelsea are in my heart, so one day I have to go back. We have a house here, our daughter is coming to study in London so being in London is a very normal thing for us.”

So, even though Lampard is set to leave the club in the summer and Mourinho is in Madrid, there is still every chance BOTH could be fighting for the Chelsea cause again in August.

Fascinating stuff.


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