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Chelsea was challenged at home by Burnley, Mourinho reflects

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English Premier League: Chelsea 1-1 Burnley

Jose Mourinho is mad Chelsea finished the game with 10 men which cost the victory:

‘Don’t make me laugh because I’m not in the mood,’.

‘A couple of weeks ago, when I was here after the Liverpool game in the Capital One Cup, I knew already what was going on with the television talking about Diego Costa’s crimes. Compare Diego’s crimes with what happened today.

‘I prefer to say that this game had four crucial moments – minutes 30, 33, 43 and 69 – this is the story of the game. It’s difficult for me to not say the truth. I’m making it easy for you because you can go home, look at those moments and you will know what I think about the game.

‘Minute 69 has a big relation to minute 30. Normally the player , if I can call him a player, who was involved in minute 69, and was also involved in minute 30, should be in the shower by minute 31. So there would be no minute 69 if the person in charge dealt with minute 30 in a proper way.

‘If this story, that started a couple of months ago, finished today, and we had 12 matches to play with an advantage of five points I would tell you we would be champions. But I don’t know if the story ends here or if there is more waiting for us.

‘I’m happy that I’m not stupid and I understood everything a couple of months ago.’

On Juan Cuadrado, who started the game
‘He’s adapting. He needs to adapt in everything. The pace of the game in Italy is much different, much slower. The intensity here is much higher, it’s difficult for him to play at the intensity we play for 90 minutes. Tactically, in Fiorentina he was playing in a system where he was a wide player. Here we don’t play that way and he has to go to areas where he is not yet adapted to it. I truly believe the great player we know we have we are not going to see immediately because the kid needs time to adapt.’

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