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Chelsea fail at Newcastle for the first time of the season – Mourinho laments

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EPL: Newcastle United 2-1 Chelsea

Coach Mourinho accepts the defeat and points out the missed chances:

‘We were unlucky. The best team lost, the team that tried to win lost, but that’s football.

‘What’s important is that it’s the kind of defeat which is easy to accept. I don’t like to lose when the referee isn’t good and I blame him, which isn’t the case. He was very good and had no influence on the result. I don’t like to lose and blame my players because they were complacent, didn’t play, didn’t produce or the attitude wasn’t good, that’s not the case, so I’m happy about that.

‘We were unlucky, we didn’t score goals when we could have and we conceded the only times they crossed the midfield line, but that’s football and I accept it. We were unlucky, that’s crystal clear, one day we will be lucky.’

on Newcastle setting up defensively
‘Yes, and I won’t criticise them for that, no way. They can do what they want but to play that way and win you need luck, which they had. I have no problem with that.

‘My players tried everything. When they lost the mental balance to play good football we changed strategy and played direct. We caused them problems with that and almost got a point, which is the minimum we deserved. We tried everything and I have no complaints.’


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