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Brilliant Chelsea win at Liverpool before crucial Champions League match- Mourinho reacts

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Coach Mourinho reacts:

“The best team won. The team that deserved to win more won, simple. That’s my opinion”.

‘The team played brilliantly. Every player was magnificent. There were no mistakes with zonal play, which is more difficult than targeting a man. We covered space and men. I think it was a fantastic performance by my players.

‘I’m very happy with them. They have my credit, they know how pleased I am with their work and this is what they need from me. When we see the way our fans were feeling the game with the boys we are happy with that, nothing else.’

The Blues kept a 17th clean sheet of the league campaign
‘It was a defensive display? I’m a bit confused with what the media thinks about defensive displays. When a team defends well you call it defensive display. When a team defends badly and concedes two or three goals you don’t mention a defensive display.’

On the possibility of us winning the Premier League
‘We have no chance. We were waiting for this match to be the title match, we were speaking about that for a long time, but for some reason this match didn’t become the title match.

‘Today was three important points. We need one more to finish third, and if we finish third we are in the Champions League automatically.

‘The champion is only one team so we don’t want a trophy for finishing third, but we can say we won both matches against the champions. We won both matches against Liverpool and both matches against Man City so it doesn’t matter which one is the champion, we won both matches against them.’

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