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Arsenal’s preseason positive, management is still chasing Suarez

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Arsenal 3-1 Manchester City – friendly match in Helsinki (Finland)

Wenger’s reactions:

“It’s important to be confident, especially when you score three goals,” the manager told Arsenal Player. “It’s good to keep the urgency high as well and I think we will do that. The team has a good attitude, good spirit and you could see that again here.

“Walcott put in a great performance. I’m happy with both sides of his game – he defended very well and [set up] two goals. His game has improved tremendously because he’s an intelligent player. When you’re intelligent, you always improve.

“I have always believed in Aaron and I think he has shown again what a tremendous engine and what desire he has. His vision has improved and his tactical aspect has improved a lot. He’s growing into a very strong player.”

“We had a fantastic fanbase here and it’s good to make them happy,” he said. “I would like to thank them for turning up like that and supporting the team as they did.

“It was a good game with a big intensity – a real Premier League level with the same intensity. I’m happy with many aspects of our game. We have some small points to work on but overall it’s very positive.”

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