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Bayern Munich bosses Borussia Dortmund and the Bundesliga

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Borussia Dortmund 0-1 Bayern Munich

Former Borussia Robert Lewandowski gave the victory to Bayern.. which is about to seal a new Bundesliga title.

Reactions post-game:

Pep Guardiola (Bayern Munich): “We’ve taken an important step today and now need four more wins from our last seven matches to finish as champions. I’d much rather use a different game plan than we had today, but obviously I can only play with the team I have at my disposal. Winning in Dortmund is tough.

We defended well in the second half but didn’t actually play good football, although we put up stiff resistance and were a good team. I want to congratulate my players and dedicate this win to Dante. He’s not played much recently, but he’s vital for us. I’d like 1,000 Dantes in my team. Thiago was also out for a long time. He was unlucky, he was unlucky again and then he had even more bad luck. But he’s back now and that’s great news for us.”

Philipp Lahm: “It was close right to the end. We defended well, only Marco Reus had the one chance from open play. We weren’t good in possession today, and we had too little of the ball. It was a hard-working victory. Winning in Dortmund is always a bit special.”

Jürgen Klopp (BVB): “the first ten minutes were perfectly OK. We disturbed them quite high up the pitch. Then Bayern got through the first time and that made us look up to them a bit. After that we weren’t consequent enough in the way we ran at them. After that it was not so good anymore, we did not have enough chances on goal. Bayern stood deep and they were very physical in the way they played, we could not get the upper hand. We lacked penetration in the last zone.

The second half was OK, we had some good possibilities and we also pushed Bayern back a bit and we were good at preventing counter attacks. However all in all it was not enough against Bayern. We were not focused enough. Bayern were better in many little moments, which is why they deserved to win. When they scored Lewandowski just did that brilliantly, even though Mats was there. It was a good one-on-one, the only thing is you have to win in these situations.”

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