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Bayern clinch UEFA Supercup 2013 on PK’s against Chelsea

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It was a great game in Prague with two teams eager to bring home the first trophy of the season. Bayern already had lost one to Borussia Dortmund (German Supercup) and honestly they were seconds away from losing the second.. But Martinez tied the game at the 120′ (2-2). New UEFA Player of the year Ribery had tied the game in the second half too when Bayern was down 1-0 but Hazard gave the Blues down to ten men the lead in the first minutes of the overtime.. honestly it was a great game!

Bayern Munich 2-2 Chelsea (PK 5-4)

Post match reactions:

Pep Guardiola: “I’m very, very proud of my team, and of Jupp Heynckes. He is the most important person and the reason why we’re here. Many thanks to him for the chance of playing for this trophy. I’m very happy with the way we played. We’ve missed too many chances in the last three matches, but we never stopped attacking. These players have unbelievable character.

“Franck Ribéry: “We played so well, and we had lots of chances. We kept fighting through to the last minute, and that’s superb! I’m so happy! I’m totally in love with FC Bayern. I’m at home here, this is my family. I enjoy myself out on the field, just like I did again today. It’s not easy for our coach, he’s under a lot of pressure. This match was so important to him. I’m delighted for him now.”

Petr Cech (Chelsea keeper): “It’s always hard after a game like that. It was just as hard for Bayern two years ago as it is for us now. We’ve conceded the equaliser in the last few seconds, but we played for a long time with a man less. Defending the lead was hard. Overall, it was a great game from both teams, very entertaining, and Bayern are the happier team today. They worked very hard to win the match.”

Jose Mourinho:

‘I’m disappointed because in my opinion, and I can have an opinion, I don’t think I will be punished for having an opinion, the best team lost,’ said the Portuguese. ‘That’s football and sometimes that happens in football, sometimes the best team loses and it’s acceptable because its football.

‘When Hazard scored there were still 27 minutes to play, and 27 minutes after 90, playing with 10 men, is an eternity. It’s very difficult to play with 10, so when he scored I just wanted us to keep going. I never thought the situation was over, when Martinez scored the goal I felt it was undeserved but that’s football, no problem.’

On Ramires sent off…

Football is 11 against 11,’ he explained. ‘Eleven against 10 is easier for the team with 11 and more difficult for the team with 10. I have a fantastic experience of playing with 10 men in UEFA matches so I could react and coach my players so that even with 10 men we could compete and find a way to score a goal. At the end of the game with everybody very tired they gave everything, and my experience of playing with 10 men gave us a hand.

‘We feel, the people who live in football and earn a life in football, we always feel a very important rule, which is the passion for football, and if you are in love with football you don’t kill a final with a second yellow card.

‘There were many yellow cards in the game the referee didn’t give. There was one situation in front of me with Dante, it was his first yellow and it wasn’t given. In pure terms, rule by rule, it was a second yellow card, but every action of the game is never done this way.

‘It is what it is and it’s nothing new for me. I was at Chelsea and I played two or three times against Barcelona with 10 men. I went to Inter and played a Champions League semi-final for one hour with 10 men against Barcelona. I played at Madrid against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final with 10 men and I came back to Chelsea and play a Super Cup final with 10 men again. Go to analyse the actions and make your conclusions, I’m unlucky, I just am.’


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